Thank you for downloading Islamic Relief's guide on baby names for Muslim The third category is the names of Prophets and Messengers – may the peace. Meanings of Muslim Names. Aadab (female)—Hope and need. Aadil (male)— Just. Aalia (female)—Exalted; Highest social standing. Aamaal (female)—Hopes . Names, however, often lack the potential to hold multiple intended messages about Muslim Names the Bosnian Way Muslim in the cities in the s, and.

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A Standard Dictionary of Muslim Names. With 99 Ninety Nine. Names of ALLAH. Available From,. ALMINAR BOOKS & GIFTS. p.o. BOX CLAYMONT, DE,-. Muslim Boy Names. 1. Aaban. Name of the Angel. 2. Aabid. Worshiper. 3. Aadil. Just, Upright. 4. Aahil. Prince. 5. Aalam. World. 6. Aalee. Sublime, high. 7. Aalim. Muslim Baby Boys & Girls - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online. Muslim Baby Boys & Girls Names.

Add Basilah Female Brave, fearless. Add Basimah Female Smiling. Add Basmah Female A smile. Add Batool Female A true devotee woman of Allah. Add Batrisyia Female Intelligent.

Add Bazilah Female Clever, intelligent. Add Beena Female Seeing, clear sighted. Add Beenish Female Vision, sight; the faculty of seeing. Add Benazir Female Unique. Add Bilqis Female Queen of Sheeba. Add Binesh Female Clever. Add Bisharah Female A narrator of Hadith.

Add Buhayyah Female The name of a freed female slave. Add Bunanah Female Yazid al-Abshamiyah's daughter.

Add Buqayrah Female A narrator of Hadith. Add She was al-Suraymiyah, and a very dutiful worshipper. She wept often so she finally lost her eye sight. When Burdah Female every thing was quiet and Add motionless, she used to call out in a melancholy voice, O! Habib O loved one! She was a female companion R. A and also a muhajirah, who migrated to Madinah; she also narrated a Hadith quoting the Prophet; "Apply yourself to glorifying Allah, saying Busayrah Female there is not God but He and Add declaring His Holiness; and count them in your fingures, for the fingers will be questioned and asked to speak; and do not be negligent and so be deprived of mercy.

Add Daanya Female Gift of god, beautiful. Add Dafiyah Female Narrator of Hadith. Add Dahab Female Gold Add She was a scholar of religion and had learnt from her brother al-Imam al- Dahma Female Mahdi; she excelled in grammer and Add literature and possessed knowledge of other sciences and arts.

Daleela Female Guide, Proof. Add Daliya Female Dahlia. A number of posts promote traditional Bosnian Muslim names in addition to the Slavonic ones mentioned in this example such as Alija instead of new, fashionable Muslim names with foreign spellings. In general, I would say that this category of traditional Bosnian Muslim names does not stand out in the web discussions.

It is not probable that a Bosniak parent would need peer support on whether Alija or a similar, traditional name is Muslim or not. And I would expect that in a later analysis of web discourse, this category would be called traditional Bosniak names, but for now my general impression is that Bosnian Muslim better describes the discourse on these names. Neutral Names Many parents want names that are neutral, either because the parents are of different denominations discussed further below , or because they do not want their child to be marked with a nationality or ethnic group.

Islamic Names Dictionary

In the first example, the Muslimness of this post is unknown. I need a neutral international name for our second boy. We would consider also religious names, but only neutral ones.

This example comes from ringeraja; the discussion goes on to say that it is impossible to have religious names that are neutral.

On the other hand, the name Sara has really gained in popularity in recent years in Bosnia- Herzegovina; it really seems to be both neutral in the sense that Sara is common both internationally and within the different local groups and religious.

Sara is exceptional also with regards to its history in the Third Reich. The name mentioned here, Damir, is also perceived as non- denominational, but as parents on the forums have joked it seems to be overrepresented in advertising in Bosnia-Herzegovina in recent years. A common feature of neutral names is that they are intended to gather two different denominations in one name, as the following example shows: My husband and I are in a mixed marriage Muslim and Catholic and God willing we are expecting our first [baby].

The doctor says it is [a girl]. This means the child will be neither Muhamed nor Franjo. J J I have a couple of names, but none of them really sound right to me. I am not enthusiastic about any of them. I will mention some names to you which are now on our short list: The name ENEA is somehow uncommon to me and maybe the most beautiful one of all mentioned, but whomever I mention it to, they look at me with a question mark above their heads. What do you think about that name??????????

Muslim Boys Names with meanings in quran _ Muslim Girl and Boy names from Quran.pdf

All of the examples Vana here gives Nives, Ella, Mia, Naomi, Enea are generally perceived as international, including the way that they are spelled.

The others are rather direct: The current sociopolitical climate forces parents to choose between expressing a Bosniak Muslim identity which Aldrin calls social positioning or expressing an identity without a denomination. Also, in comparison with the books, the web now documents discussions that would not have been documented before — discussions between neighbours or friends would never have come into the hands of a far-away researcher.

In the nature of web discussions, of course, lies the fact that they are not easily authenticated; for all we know there might be one person logged on as several persons discussing naming with themselves.

But why would anyone do that? And would not such fictional writing still mirror the actual world in some ways? It would seem that parents and parents-to-be are using the web discussion forums for peer support and in order to exchange thoughts on a variety of subjects.

Certainly, some names do show origin; others are not intended to. Conclusions The results of the socio-onomastic examination of Muslim web discourses on names in Bosnia-Herzegovina were that three categories were found. These categories are positions that the discussants seem to take when names are discussed.

The second position is the promotion of traditional Bosnian Muslim names, sometimes called Bosniak names. And the third position is the choice of neutral names that can be given in mixed families or when parents do not want the names of their children to mark them ethnically. References Agencija za statistiku BiH. Anketa o radnoj snazi. Agencija za statistiku Bosne i Hercegovine. Agencija za statistiku BiH. Popis Aldrin, Emilia. Namnval som social handling: Bringa, Tone. Being Muslim the Bosnian way: Princeton University Press.

Muslim woman in Tito's Yugoslavia. Translated by Thomas J.

Muslim Boys Names with meanings in quran _ Muslim Girl and Boy names from Quran.pdf

Butler and Saba Risaluddin, foreword by Sabrina P. College Station: Dnevni avaz [online news site], http: Novi Pazar: Merdzanic, Emina.

Sommar med Emina Merdzanic [radio broadcast]. Sveriges Radio. Muslim Baby Names. The scientific diaspora as the brain gain option: Exploring the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pickering, Paula M.

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Generating social capital for bridging ethnic divisions in the Balkans: Case studies of two Bosniak cities. Ethnic and Racial Studies 29 1. Schimmel, Annemarie. Islamic Names. Edinburgh University Press. Muslimanska imena orijentalnog porijekla u Bosni i Hercegovini. Sorabji, Cornelia. Muslim Identity and Islamic Faith in Sarajevo. University of Cambridge PhD thesis. Toijonen, Vesa. Maailman kallein rauha [documentary film]. US Department of State. International Religious Freedom Report.

BA last visited 28 March Rijaset web page Pitanja i odgovori: NET last visited 21 May Muslimanska imena; 34 posts; approx.

BA last visited 10 February Da li ste culi za ime…; 43 posts; 4 February —9. Related Papers.

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Foreign Influences in Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina since By Juan Antunez Moreno. Visegrad Cooperation on Bosnia and Herzegovina:Witnessed One who is worthy of thanks. Caliph Pure. Qutaybah A narrator of hadith Zahir Bright. Lajlaj One of prophet's S. Maiden Intelligent Adoring Knowing.

Suhayl Canopus Star Mahad Great.