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He was showing every one of his sharp, crooked teeth, all the way to the gums. He looked down in dawning horror to see blood running off the native boy's knuckles in a thin stream. He whimpered. You can't. His fist flashed again, and everything stopped. Kieran Trevarde looked down at the body in the road, and felt nothing. Not even satisfaction.

The God Eaters

Not even relief. He hadn't planned anything like this. He hadn't planned anything else either. He knew he ought to be sorry, but couldn't remember what it felt like. It would be only fair to cry for the dead boy, but he couldn't. Used to be, he cried over stupid things, like a stomachache, or a toy his mama wouldn't download him. Then his mama's pimp Barton had said Kieran had to earn his keep, and Kieran had cried at the look on Mama's face, and again for fear and pain during the rape, and with shame after, as he'd given Mama the money.

He'd been crying the whole time Mama and Barton fought; and after Barton kicked her, while her stomach swelled up and turned shiny and bruised, they'd wept together until she fell into silence, away from him, alone.

After Mama had stopped crying, he'd stopped being able to. He threw his head back, swallowed a breath, choking back a swell of nausea.

Then he bent to empty his victim's pockets. He had just turned nine years old. I hear you've done a fair bit of the permanent, considering your age. That true? Nearly sixteen now, tall for his age but twig-thin, Kieran Trevarde didn't relax. He didn't know how. He stood straight with his hands at his sides, and looked at the leader of the White Rose gang with eyes like a coyote's.

Don't you know you can make better money with me? It was a pleased laugh. Takes a while, sometimes. Another time it was the next day. I can use a knife, though. You're hired. I'll pay you twenty a week, and you can stay at the Tall House. Don't bother the girls. His leaving was an insectile sort of operation, maneuvering arms and legs too long and thin for grace in a strangely graceful manner.

Shrike had told Kinter that the boy had grown at least six inches during his year in Tiyamo, despite scanty prison food and constant abuse; durable. And he was pretty, would be gorgeous if given a chance to fill out. Watching him go, Shrike echoed Kinter's thought, loud enough for the boy to hear: Kinter noticed the strange smile on the new hand's face, and ordered the boy's pay raised.

He sent old man Beatty to instruct the boy in various types of combat. He also let fall the word that he'd like the boy introduced to the pleasures of the poppy.

It looked like the kid was a real thing. Kinter was the. He wasn't about to let Kieran get away. Just when it couldn't hurt any more, the pain got worse. It was amazing, really amazing, and funny in a stupid way. Black things crawled around the edges of the room, everything smelled of shit, the ceiling was getting lower, and still it kept hurting even more.

Kieran could see his abdomen rippling with the cramps. Just cramps, he told himself, I am not host to giant parasites But as soon as he'd thought it, he knew there really were worms in there. Great toothy worms, eating his guts, and only one medicine would drive them out. Just a little, just to tide me over, be logical -- God! Why are you doing this to me? Do you hate me so much? You said not to give you any no matter what you said. I ain't got none, anyway. The blue-eyed boy gave him a smile full of sad humor, which transformed his ordinary face into something remarkable.

But Kieran was past taking comfort from that. It hurts --" "You don't care why right now. Let's talk about sumpin else, okay? Wondering if he'd chosen right, this first time in years he'd made a choice.

He'd defied Kinter because of that smile. Kicking his tar habit was imperative, because until he did he would be Kinter's slave, and if he remained Kinter's slave he would eventually do as Kinter ordered, and kill this boy. You're doing it for you. But I'm glad if it'll keep you from drawing down on me again.

For a minute there I thought it was all up. I'll never hurt you. I swear, Shan. Then the cramps started again. Will you lookit all that money! They'd just knocked over the payroll shipment to the Dogtooth Mine. Did you? I sure didn't.

Should be exactly four hundred eighty thrones there. Count it if you want, but the math's not hard. He grinned again the next moment. You're so damn smart, Kai. I done made more money with you --" "That's not why you took me on, though," said Kieran wickedly. He tossed the revolver aside and siezed Shan's wrist. There was a brief tug-of-war to determine whether they'd end up on the bed or the floor.

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Grinning, Kieran gave in and let himself be pulled up. Smothered Shan's laughter with his mouth, surrendered to the defiant purity of plain desire. For someone who'd spent half his childhood as a whore, he'd been remarkably ignorant about sex when Shan had taken him in. He'd thought all he had to do was show up. He'd certainly never made love, never mulitiplied pleasure by trading it back and forth, until Shan had taught him.

Even after months of Shan's tutelage, he was rarely the one to start anything. This time, he thought maybe he was finally starting to trust his lover. He hoped so; Shan deserved that. Later, when they lay sweaty and content together, Shan asked, "What are you gonna do with your half?

What're you? Gotta get another one. And then Maybe I'll download you a diamond earring. I've got my own cut. Remember how when we were at Dindy's that one time, he had this engraving behind the counter? That new gun, that you could order custom? You gonna get one of those? Ten if you carry one in the chamber. Self-cocking, and it has separate magazines like a Lockeart. I could do some real wrecking with that. So he'd die before he turned twenty.

This was it. Kieran knew exactly what would happen in the fraction of a second before it did.

One of these days. Kieran saw his own understanding mirrored in the sky-blue of Shan's stare. If it wasn't the cops.

Then he raised his eyes to meet Kieran's. It all seemed to have been planned in advance -.

When Shan siezed him by his shirt front and kissed him hard. He snapped the cylinder into place and looked ruefully at the handful of bullets he had left. A bullet whined overhead as he pulled quickly back. More than you. Into the silence came the sound of wind.

Shan sprang to his feet in a movement meant to propel him in a long. I'm a rogue Talent.. His look was bleak. Shan raised himself on one elbow to look down into Kieran's face.. Kieran jumped up too.

They gotta be running low too. He knew his teeth were red. He was going to die now. He deserves --" "We have a use for his kind. Running down the side of Kieran's face. And then there came up inside him someone who did. Shan's blood coming down more slowly than his body. At last. Kieran didn't care. Let it win. For the rest of his life. He began to smile. And then came the wet smack of a bullet hitting flesh.

It was intolerable. Now it's out of your hands. It was followed in the next bubbling breath by a screech of rage. He'd thought that the world was harsh because it was indifferent. Someone said.

He didn't want to play this stupid game anymore. Someone in a sand-colored police uniform clouted him on the ear. Kieran would remember how the blood glittered in the sun. That's all you need to know. His screams of pain and outrage likewise.

Kieran felt himself begin to stand. It hypnotized him as he shouted. Most important -.

Iaka'anta's best qualification for being made into a prison. It stood more than twice as tall as any other land form in the area. The only other individual in the world who posessed these senses.

It was riddled with tunnels. He only rarely visited it. He had carved this stair into the stone with his own magic. Though far from water sources. Staffed and maintained by the elite government mages of the White Watch. He had left standing orders that he was to be notified if the facility recieved a threnodist.

Even more rarely -. Now Thelyan put his hand to the latch and watched with satisfaction as the shape of the locking spell rearranged itself to accomodate him. Thelyan did not. The Eskarans called it Churchrock. He opened it and slipped through. Its natural properties made it easy to set up and maintain a ward to keep the prisoners from using their magic. Thelyan didn't need one. There was no source of light. Its distinctive form and size had earned it a place in the mythology of the natives.

They called it Iaka'anta. Hardly anyone could even see it. They believed it had once been the castle of a god.

He could see the stone around him with senses far finer than sight. In the bowels of the mountain was a door that looked as if it might lead to a storeroom. As he inspected it for signs of wear or damage. This one had greater protections on it. A lacy cradle of brittle iron clasped what looked like a giant drop of mercury.

His voice was dull. Thelyan believed that not even the one beyond the door could have set a spell in grounded metal. Thelyan had never been able to induce him to part with the secret of how it was done. Once he'd satisfied himself that the device was in good working order. This revealed an ovoid room. The null sphere was an invention he hadn't shared with anyone. A naked human form. He built his structure of thought and fitted it into the pattern.

It was not mercury. Now a shape was visible. Any magic directed against the door itself would simply ground in the copper. It was the only structure strong enough to contain one of his own kind. Thelyan had stopped him from aging. I don't like you. It was in hope of obtaining such secrets that Thelyan kept him embodied and imprisoned. I wish to speak with you. Climbing the long spiral high into the mountain.

Only this particular password would trigger the lock. He could not simply slip through. Seals were fixed at each intersection of the iron straps. He made a light. In appearance. After many more repetitions of his name. The boy's fingernails were ten-inch corkscrews. Even though he was never fed or given water. The lesser Talents put faces on this change. When Chaiel had calmed somewhat. He watched their fall with an expression of anguished longing.

You may not be able to see the future. He knew he could not. But you are in the sphere. Thelyan waited patiently for him to finish. I wonder if you can figure out what they're seeing. Clawing at his face with his helical fingernails. Several have gone catatonic.

Chaiel drew bleeding scratches down his cheeks and brow as the nails broke off. There's no force on earth that could kill me. Thelyan rephrased his question.

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They say that changes emanate from a blank place. They see your death and they're afraid to tell you. If you weren't in the null sphere. Some of us you lost. Once they were no longer part of him. It sent the boy into a convulsion of babbling and weeping that lasted nearly half an hour.

Those I rely on. I suspect you're bored. Thrashing like an overturned insect. I have a puzzle for you to play with. She was never a threat. The weakest of his enemies. In any case.

He was just wasting time. Maybe he fell into his Burn and sucked it up. And he's going to come for you and twist you around until you're inside out and you have to look at yourself and see that there's nothing in there! If she could have been controlled. You could keep yourself company. I can tell you something else important! I promise I'll be good! You're a menagerie. I'll leave. Thelyan touched the seal that controlled the passage of light.

Medur was no threat to him. The only possible threat was Ka'an. I doubt a personality as fractured as his has survived repeated incarnation. She would lack the strength of personality to emerge as herself. It wasn't important. Chaiel curled up again. You should be in here. Maybe he's getting his power back. You'd never be lonely. We all start incarnated. Even so. Go to hell. He'd had his chance to swallow her. If they were going take my glasses they would have done it already.

It had to be some kind of stupid dream. He could take a joke. Any minute now one of those Watchmen in the white coats would come in and announce that it had all been very funny and now he could go home.

He'd been wearing them for months now. His clothes. But now they were just about all that remained of the world he belonged in. He was going to be eaten alive in prison. Thelyan would meet the threat and deal with it when it occurred. Ashleigh leaned against the swaying wall of the prison car.

It made it easier to pretend he wasn't here. It was. Not gradually as he'd imagined. A very long stupid dream. He was a good sport. There was nothing he could do to stop it. Thinking about this made him increasingly fond of the yellow shirt and brown corduroy bags he'd been arrested in. He'd been allowed to use the station lavatory. There was desert outside.

He locked the door behind him. Or bootlaces. It had been interesting to see how the slushy end-of-winter snow of Eskard had given up on the way west. For instance. It dulled his mind and made his limbs feel heavy. He'd realized that shortly after the shock of not being executed had worn off.

He could only try to distract himself from worrying. Like a dangerous criminal. It must be something else. He was pale. Chapter 1 The sound of the train was hypnotic.

Ashleigh Trine.

They'd taken his chains off at a whistle stop somewhere in West Mauraine. Not that he had any money. He sincerely hoped this wasn't his destination. When the train stopped at a roofless platform surrounded by grayish adobe shacks.

The God Eaters - Jesse Hajicek

He'd heard that most of the iron and coal and so forth for the Commonwealth's military machine was produced out here. He had to be threatened before he'd take his seat against the opposite wall. Then a big. A sort of shack thing flashed by. We're taking on a couple of real baddies. Something chemical. The man came in with his gun trained. The Watchmen just slammed the door. The desert. The 'real baddies' coming aboard. As he stepped away. They won't be nice to you like we are.

A clang of footsteps on the metal connector-thing outside his moveable cell made his heart jump with apprehension. Then one of his white-uniformed guards came and banged on the compartment's iron door to get his attention. The warmth of the day was instantly gone.

Some kind of demented dog started howling somewhere nearby. He told himself they were just taking on fuel and water. His watch was another of those things he didn't have. A Watchman stepped in first. He scrubbed ar his glasses with a filthy shirttail and peered hard at the plume of pollution as it grew closer. He was followed by another. A city. He wondered whether. A plume of smoke rose from an intermediately distant valley beyond the farm.

The engine sat on the tracks. Ashleigh could discern a sharp new smell under the reek of the engine and the desert's alien scent. Then an amazing voice spoke -. Ashleigh was watching pig-man as carefully as someone allergic to wasps watches a buzzing blot on the windowpane. As a sour-faced Watchman fastened the back of that belt to a ring behind the bench. What shredded clothing was left on him was so caked with mud and dust and what looked like dried blood that it was impossible to tell what color it had been.

His hair was matted into waist-length ropes. His long legs made the low bench awkward for him. The Iavaian stared back patiently while Ashleigh gawked at his face. I been sitting by him for fuckin' weeks. Pale scars streaked his face: I wanna sit over there. The inevitable grunt followed. He had the angular features typical of his race. Beneath the dirt. Ashleigh tried to nod back like a normal person. Even the movement of the train only registered peripherally.

The car gave a lurch.. The Iavaian could not have been much older than Ashleigh's eighteen years. He was lean and menacing as a wild dog. His skinned-knuckled hands were huge. Ashleigh ripped his gaze from the evil stare of the man across from him. The guards had left long ago. This was the tallest human being Ashleigh had ever seen. His hands were chained at his belt. Just saved your ass.

The scarred boy grinned at pig-man. He never made it past the first half-syllable of his retort. You saying I lied? The Iavaian kicked him under the chin. I'm back in grammar school. Ashleigh looked to him in horror. I was a whore at Shou Shou's, and I honestly don't know what that says about me and don't think I want to. The land is described wonderfully and I could actually visualise it; the magic was more a science than a flimsy shiny toy and it was clever, plausible, evolving; the government was oppressive and violent and realistic in its cruelty; the people were prejudiced, singular, essentially kind and humane.

The action is non-stop and edge-of-your-seat - and it doesn't need to be fighting to get you all strung up and gnawing on your nails like it did for me. It's Ash and Kieran's story and it's all about them, despite following a much larger thread than just a romance, and this gives the reader enough time to get attached to them that I, personally, was hyperventilating for half the book in fear of what would happen next.

And what happened next surprised me. Several times. I'm not the kind of person who always guesses what's going to happen next in a book or a movie and I wouldn't want to be one , but it's pretty hard to really surprise me - and I don't know if this book actually had some shocking twists though I'd bet on a yes or if I was just astonishingly emotionally involved, but it succeeded.

And do not get me started on the romance. How such a flawless, pure love managed to be born and grow in the rubble, hatred and destruction of this land is beyond me - yet at the same time I believe it, and it warms me, because I desperately want to believe we are capable of that kind of love.

Several times. I'm not the kind of person who always guesses what's going to happen next in a book or a movie and I wouldn't want to be one , but it's pretty hard to really surprise me - and I don't know if this book actually had some shocking twists though I'd bet on a yes or if I was just astonishingly emotionally involved, but it succeeded.

And do not get me started on the romance. How such a flawless, pure love managed to be born and grow in the rubble, hatred and destruction of this land is beyond me - yet at the same time I believe it, and it warms me, because I desperately want to believe we are capable of that kind of love. There's a shameless romantic here, buried under a half ton of cynicism and sarcasm.

Or on the characters. Their personality, their development, their originality, their relationships, their individuality, their perfect compatibility and the huge differences between them - I should probably just stop now, because this isn't going anywhere good. It's just making less and less sense. Let me just mention the writing - gorgeous, flawless, descriptive to just the right degree, intensely atmospheric and at times surprisingly humorous - and I'm done.Thrashing like an overturned insect.

Almost was going to have to be good enough. My heart raced, it broke, I laughed, I cried, I raged, I cried some more, and I fell head over heels in love with Damon! Damon in my opinion, had no real redeeming qualities. A city. That was a bad place to let his thoughts go.

There was nothing he could do to stop it. Or the catch of the day.