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This is where my first review of Rori Raye begins This is where she really kicks in the “tough love” talk (I happen to love this approach) . Mr. Right REVIEW · Toxic Men REVIEW · Love Scripts for Relationships REVIEW. THE RORI RAYE MANTRA Trust Your Boundaries APPRECIATE YOURSELFMen can't love us for what we do. They love Download. Relationship Advice: Success secrets for love relationships and solving relationship problems. Both eBook & Audio (Best value! I wanted them to learn all the insights, tools and love scripts that it took me years to develop without going That's why I'm letting you download my book right now for FREE with a 7 day trial.

Where To Get Love Scripts For Dating Rori Raye Review |

Curb your anxiety. No strategy, no gimmick. It just takes the removal of expectations, reactiveness and jadedness. Attachment to outcome makes you very anxious. It takes, counterintuitively, the softening of your boundaries. My method requires questioning and challenging your boundaries before trusting them. At times some women resist my message so much.

Shirley was one of them. And at times those women return months or years later and apologize.

How My Method Differs To Rori Raye’s

And Shirley was one of them…as well. My best guy friend and I started dating at the beginning of the summer. It was all his idea and I kind of just went along with it. He was a lazy dater, and I held my ground until he courted me. Eventually, everything changed, and he was talking about commitment and insisting he was my boyfriend, and spending all his time with me and just so happy to have me in his life.

But I took it for granted. All the while refusing to call myself his girlfriend, because of some dumb Rori Raye shit I learned… I think he got tired of me treating him like he was obligated like a boyfriend, but me keeping one foot out the door. I was really bad. Our fights would escalate really fast because of my emotional instability, but we really liked each other and loved each other already from being best friends and going through so much together and the sex was awesome, of course.

However, weeks ago, I threw a fit about him spending time with his friends instead of me. It was ridiculous of me, because we had just spent several days in a row together, but it made me so insecure.

I forgot the wisdom about men needing time alone after cycles of intimacy.

I kept nagging him about every little thing he said and how he said it. This after him showing increasingly serious signs of being very into me. None of my friends could believe it.

But I can believe it — I scared him off.

We are still in touch and very loving and friendly to each other. He started as an EUM but holding my ground turned him into a prince.

Then holding my ground when it was time to let down my guard turned him back into a frog. He was pursuing me hardcore and showering me with affection until that fight. The Rori Raye Mantra has four parts. All four of them will be guiding voices to help you create the love life youve always wanted. I will not throw myself into the path of destruction, hide from the truth, go along with or tolerate something that is damaging to me. Now I can move to my feelings. I love my feelings and know that I must go where I am, be where I am, feel what I feel, and go through the feeling if I want to feel better.

Now I can speak. I honor my feelings by expressing them from my heart without trying to influence or attack my man. If I choose, now I can let go of the result. Because I know what I will not tolerate, because I can feel what I feel, because Ive stated clearly what I feel and dont want, I can let go of control.

When you find yourself thinking and wanting to speak Control Speak stop yourself! I recommend simply putting your hand over your mouth its what I do!

Dont worry or think about coming up with the perfectly stated Feeling Message. Just choose the words from the Surrender Speak list below that feel the closest to what youre actually feeling, and be as simple, short, and direct as you can.

After a few days really that quickly , if youre even just a little bit brave, youll get the hang of it! Here are some examples: "! ABCD Why is he doing that? What is he doing? What is he feeling? What are you feeling?

What do you mean? Ill bet I know why hes depressed Oh, hes just etc. Oh, men are just like that Theres so much tension between us.

What We Think Men Want Are Actually The Very Things That Repel Them

He must be mad, upset, having childhood memories, etc. ABCD Say: I feel mad, sad, glad, afraid, scared, angry, happy, disconnected, confused, shaky, uncomfortable, weird, upset, lonely, tired, exhausted instead of: Why does he always have to do that? You never listen to me! I need you to do this or that Say: I dont want to do this, what do you think instead of: What if we you did that? Can we you please do that?

I like that tie, I like how you look, I love this restaurant I feel so good here, I feel so good with you, that feels so good, etc.

What if you could experience more love, more affection, and deeper intimacy — with much less pain and effort? You can! You CAN be cherished, loved and adored.

All it takes is a new understanding of what REALLY inspires a man to fall in love, and simple changes you can make that will leave you feeling more heard, more loved, and completely cared for. It may not seem possible, but it is.

Men Fall In Love With Our Hearts

Even if you are about to get a divorce, or give up on dating, or settle for an unsatisfying love life. All our efforts accidentally push love away.To actually put down the oars, sit back in the boat and enjoy the ride. What are the widespread phases for grieving the reduction of a loved a single?

Dont worry or think about coming up with the perfectly stated Feeling Message. I dont want you to spend another minute without experiencing this for yourself, so lets get started It takes, counterintuitively, the softening of your boundaries. It may not seem possible, but it is. Ohhh little did I know what a guru she would be.