You fell in love with Sublime, and it changed the way you code. But the newness is wearing off, and you're wondering: "What else am I missing. Sublime Productivity. Code Like a Pro with Today's Premier Text Editor. Josh Earl . This book is for sale at Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate . This book is for sale at This version was.

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Sublime Text is a versatile text editor and a gold standard for many programmers. Our tips focus on efficient coding, but general users will. A collection of some of the best Sublime Text packages, themes, and goodies. $36 e-book (EPUB and PDF) by Wes Bos; Sublime Productivity - $22 e-book by. Code Like a Pro with Today's Premier Text Editor You fell in love with Sublime, and it changed the way you code.

Sublime Text is often the first editor that newer programmers pick up because it works on all operating systems and it is far more approachable than Emacs , Vim or even PyCharm. It is easy to get started in Sublime because the menus and options are accessible by using a mouse.

There are no different modes to learn like Vim's normal and insert modes. The keyboard shortcuts can be learned over time rather than all at once in the case of Vim or Emacs.

Sublime Text works well for beginners as soon as they install it and then can be extended with many of the features provided by an IDE like PyCharm as a developer's skill level ramps up.

An additional bonus of using Sublime Text as a Python developer is that plugins are written in Python.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Python developers can extend Sublime Text with their own programming language rather than learn a new language like Emacs' Elisp or Vim's Vimscript. Why use any other editor if Sublime is so great?

Picking a text editor or IDE to use tends to be a weirdly personal decision for each developer. Yet it makes sense when you realize that you are going to spend hours upon hours every day in your chosen environment so why not make sure it is one that is enjoyable and highly productive?

For some folks they prefer Vim 's keyboard-driven style, PyCharm 's Swiss Army Knife set of Python tools or one of the many other editors with its own strengths and weaknesses. The only "best" editor choice is to pick one that works really well for you and stick to it. Master your tool so it gets out of your way and enables as much time in programming flow as possible.

Discover the tools you need to make your Sublime Text workflow as productive as possible.

Python-specific Sublime Text resources There are many Python-specific Sublime Text tutorials and resources because the editor is so frequently used to create Python applications. The following links should get your editor customized with linters, code metrics , syntax checking and many other integrated development environment features.

Setting Up Sublime Text 3 for Full Stack Python Development is a spectacular tutorial that covers installing Sublime Text and configuring a multitude of helpful Python programming plugins.

Sublime Text 3 Heaven is a quick overview of the extensions, packages and bonus toys that one developer uses for his own Sublime Text development setup.

Sublime Tutor is an interactive in-editor keyboard shortcuts tutorial that plugs into Sublime so you can learn and become more productive as you use the editor. I'll make sure to answer to all issues issued and all pull requests pulled. Typos, suggestions, broken links, grammar errors, whatever.

Go right ahead. Huge thanks to the Sublime team at Sublime Text for producing such a wonderful editor, and thanks to wbond for creating Package Control. Skip to content.

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A collection of some of the best Sublime Text packages, themes, and goodies. Find File.

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Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching XcodeThe Python console Sublime comes with an embedded Python interpreter.

Run the following command: These settings are global—they affect how all searches operate.

Jump Back and Jump Forward work like the back and forward buttons in a web browser. The Open Files section shows dots on files that have been modified and close icons on unmodified files.

Sublime Productivity

This chapter is aimed at new users, but we recommend you flip through it even if you are already familiar with Sublime Text. How can we do this faster? Managing Plugins. This lints via Perl:: Select Close others.