Download ASP DOTNET interview questions in PDF based on Object oriented programming concept. is an open source server-side. Latest Dot Net Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Manifest 3. Explain GridView control in Answer: The GridView control displays the. Net Interview Questions_WorkShop( questions and answers).pdf - Free Net Interview Questions. Net Framework 2. C#.Net 3. 4. 5. Interview Question And Answer Pdf

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Net | Interview Questions and Answers PDF | Questions and Answers | Interview Questions Pdf | Technical Interview. DOT NET Interview Questions and Answers. Contents. •. Web Services. • Windows Workflow Foundation. • AJAX. • Application Deployment. •. Web Matrix is a free development environment from components, interfaces, attributes and context, then the answer is yes. I fall firmly in.

Here is a list of commonly asked interview questions about ASP. Net based on Object oriented programming concept. Here I have collected some good interview questions with their answers.

There are several questions to expect if you are preparing to attend an ASP. Here are just a few samples of those questions and their answers:. Layouts are rendered in ASP. With this, every page is able to have its own controller code-behind file that posses the request.

But ASP. In this case, requests are processed by a common controller for all pages. NET assemblies.

It can be used in the following scenarios:. Use an ImageMap control and define hot spot areas for each of the product lines.

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Use the PostBackValue to identify the product line that was clicked. Ans: Use an ImageMap control and define hot spot areas for each of the product lines.

In your ASP. NET 2. What approach will you use to implementing this?

Use the ImageMap control and randomly select a HotSpot to show or hide. Use the Image control to hold the image and a Calendar control to randomly select a date for each image to be displayed. Use an ImageButton control to predict randomness of the image to be loaded based on the clicks of the control. Which of the following is a requirement when merging modified data into a DataSet?

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A primary key must be defined on the DataTable objects B. The DataSet schemas must match in order to merge C. The destination DataSet must be empty prior to merging D.

A DataSet must be merged into the same DataSet that created it. Ans: A primary key must be defined on the DataTable objects Every item should be represented with one unique key value. In DOA.

ASP.Net Interview Question and Answers

They assist GAC in differentiating between two versions. The View State is contained in a structure within the page load.

Gautam, says Jan 23, Asp. Threadstart is a pre-defined delegate.

Net runtime is executing the Asp. Completely Object Oriented.